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Fury Paintball Park Rookie and Novice Paintball School

Splat Action Sports and ProCaps Direct presents…

Fury Paintball Park Rookie and Novice Level Pro Paintball School

Players teaching players

This year we are featuring Rocky Cagnoni, Mike Paxson, and Bea Youngs , with the assistance of Splat Action Sports All Star Team. Together Rocky, Mike, and Bea have over thirty years of paintball playing experience and are known for being among the most personable, approachable, and friendliest players in the industry. That's why attending this school of paintball will be unlike any "topic" you've ever studied.

Saturday will consist of a full day of training, later in the afternoon we will hold gun tech classes followed by a night of fun as you get to know the instructors and build friendships until it's time for you to go home. The following morning you'll have another full day of learning paintball with a closing ceremony at the end of that day.

Not only will you learn to play paintball in your own environment, but also other facets of paintball, like the history of the game, how to get sponsorship, how to form a team, and even how to troubleshoot equipment issues. In addition we will also cover:

Walking the Field
Off the Break Positioning
Proper Diving and Sliding
Shooting & Running Lanes
Primary Bunker Positioning
Running & Shooting
Snap Shooting
Cross Up
Run Thru's
And much more….

Rocky Cagnoni – Former Professional Player for Avalanche and Brimstone Smoke, now recently retired from professional play, Rocky is a living legend and considered one of paintball’s first rock stars and one of the most recognized players in paintball both on and off the field. Rocky was in the Top 10 of Paintball Games International’s Top 200. Sponsored by Angel.

Mike Paxson – Mike Paxson is considered one of the best back players in the world. Former player for the Bushwackers and Chicago Aftershock, Mike is now a Professional player on Las Vegas LTZ. He not only plays for LTZ, but he also coaches both his own team and LTZ Destiny (D2 Super 7 Team). Gun Tech specializing in autocockers and DM’s. Sponsored by ZAP, DYE, and LTZ.

Bea Youngs – Bea is known as Paintball’s Best Ambassador and was coined “Paintball’s Hottest Babe” by Paintball Sports Magazine. Not only is she a Professional player for Milwaukee Rapture (UAPL), a player and owner of LTZ Destiny (Mostly-female D2 Super 7 Team, 2005 Division 2 7th Place Finish), but she also writes exclusively for Paintball2xtremes Magazine, is a commentator for College Sports Television covering college paintball and for the PSP’s National X-Ball League, and sideline coaches NXL X-Ball team, Las Vegas LTZ. Sponsored by ZAP, ARCHON, Planet Eclipse, Tank’s Paintball, and LTZ.

$185 per attendee and includes:
Two days of professional training, admission, all day air at Fury Paintball Park, and a commerative SAS Pro School T-Shirt signed by Rocky, Mike, and Bea.

Field paint only with Draxxus Rec-Sport starting at just $40 a case. Limited spaces available so please register in advance.

May 13th and 14th (Saturday and Sunday)
Saturday 9:00am till 6:00pm
Sunday 9:00am till 5:00pm

Fury Paintball Park located at 770 Hurricane Street SE, Palm Bay, Florida

For more information call 321.255.1114 or email

Prizes will be raffled off at the end of the school with sponsored gear from Angle, Dye, ProCaps, and others.

Coming soon…. Beginers level Pro School tenativly scheduled for June 27th thru the 29th.


Sorry I havent been around alot the past week or so. Alot of crap going on in my life and paintball isnt one of them. Plus work has been very busy wich is a good thing since my house payment doubled.
Not cool
You Wont See Me

Looks interesting

Sounds awesome. I'd love to meet Rocky.

Sounds wicked. Newbs like me could benefit.

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