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Ghetto Mag configuration for tomorrow

Playing tomorrow in about a foot of snow at a pretty well known, really good feild (Skirmish USA). My new mags working great so Ill be rocking that beast. But my back-up/rental is going to be my old Classic Mag. Made a new setup for tomorrow too-

yes the hopper is backwards.

gangsta feed!!

I like the broken ball in your hopper. Neutral

Besides that, looks positively crunk.

Oh snap son. Didnt notice that.

Damn, now that horrible process of hopper cleaning. gah

Re: Ghetto Mag configuration for tomorrow

TriggerHappy1 wrote:

Don't shoot the computer!

I see we learned a few things from Rambino about mags... Tounge

I cant wait until next summer. I plan on heading out to Skirmish sometime.

Didnt even gas up this gun. My Paradigm worked soo well. Didnt see a single other mag there too.

Tell me when your going to Skirmish next!! I love this place!!

Hehehehe, gangsta feed! Weeeeeeeeee. Fro!!

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