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Glassjaw. . .


8 Days.

Same day as my birthday.

Suck it.

Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers

In your area? Awesome.

Yeah, they're playing in Philadelphia and I live about a half hour or so outside of.
g36 monkey

sounds awesome, you obviously like them, hope they put on a good show.

tell them it's your B-Day, did that once for a friends B-Day at the Deja Vu....lets just say he got "special" treatment on stage.

Rofl, my friend who's going with me sayd that he's going to spank me 16 times, and I told him to do it on stage.


I wanted to go when they came up here, but none of my friends like them.

damn, that was last night wasnt it. unfortuantly i didnt hear about it before the night it was on....

how was it? iv always wanted to see them and i missed it!

ps, sorry for bumpage aaargh

It was the 30th.

It was sick, there were two bands before them that were okay. Crime in stereo and This is hell. Anyway, Daryl (Lead singer for GJ) was out of control, it looked like he was under control by someone else, he was shaking and dancing and making weird faces, he was ridiculous. The encore was not top notch, to say the least. But it was an amazing show the whole time, one of the most exciting i've ever been to. I sung so much I had to stop at times because i felt sick from yelling so much.

If / when the come around I'd suggest going. Maybe we could hook up, although they probably won't tour again until next year.

That was the show I went to, and I was standing right next to that guy pretty much.

Sigh, his scream doesn't sound anything like it used to. Much higher and girly sounding now.

Must have been all that time spent with Head Automatica THumb down

More like it was live, and he was into the music more than making his vocals perfect.

I'm not saying that his vocals need to be perfect, it's just that I've seen videos of Glassjaw playing live before Daryl "left," and when comparing those videos to this one, the older ones sound better in my opinion.

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