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good cheap stuff(part 1)

this is a review on cheap stuff that no one really thinks of gettin but you do need to play paintball. my good cheap stuff reviews are all under $10 because gas price's are to the main theme in this review is barrrel cleaning. the first barrel cleaning product is a viewloader proflex squeege.

....this thing is 20inches don't worry if you don't think it long enough. it's made of very flexable white rubber. it fit's in the lapco bigshot, cp barrel and any other barrel very we'll. gets the insides very clean...

...for the people who own flatline barrel for the 98c this is a must own. if a ball breaks in a flatline you have to do all this stuff just to take it off and clean it. with this all you have to do is take off the feedneck stick one end of the squeege into the barrel till you can see the other end pop out of the tip of the barrel then put that end till the whole squeege is out, you got a clean flatline. this squeege is only $3.

this one is my favorite...the redz barrel swab. this thing is about 17inches . this thing is very well made like most redz products are...

...(sorry ther is something wrong with this pic, just click on it to make bigger) it's foldable. this means you can put it in your pock it very easy....

so if a ball breaks in your barrel during a game this can help you out alot.
gets your barrel very clean. works very well with a bigshot and cp barrel..

also it can work as a barrel plug. this only cost $6...
the redz swab is a must own, it get's a 10 out of 10 the highest score i can give.
the viewloader proflex gets a 9.4 out of 10.

Good reviews. I think I still have a VL Proflex one here somewhere. I really like it.

Great reviews.
Night Hawk

very nice

But are the red parts on the barrel cleaner also bendable? like the center

Thinking Thinking

no, only the black part. don't worry it's very flexable. it won't break on you if you fall on it or anything. only if you try to break in on purpose.

Great Review, keep it up.

Helpful Post #10 !!! OMGZORES!!

pb125 wrote:
Great Review, keep it up.

Helpful Post #10 !!! OMGZORES!!
youre an idiot and very annoying. how old are you like 10, seriously. Not cool

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