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g36 monkey

Got a little weird today

Jokester And I was cleaning my room.  Came across my B2 hopper, and decided I should take out the batteries just to protect them from exploding, and the more I looked at it, the more I got this idea to put on this cool clear coat I bought that has metal flake in it.  Well, I did it, and it came out really cool in alot of places, but, it cracked in others, so I began to wet sand those cracked areas.  And then I was got another crazy idea.

I would paint the thing the same color as my car.
So here are some in progress pics, hopefully I will finish by the end of the week ha.

Here is the bottom half right now, the only part that cracked.  This is after a lot of sanding, still a little more to do I think.

Just a shot at the other side.

Here is how the top came out, I love it!

The metal flake looks even cooler in person, if your'e into it that is.

I even clear coated the lid lol.

Heres my dyanic duplicolor paints ha.

Any suggestions or hints from you bunch of pro's  Cool

the pics are not great, looks much better in person.  I am hoping that the color of my car is good enough to match that of the top half, because I don't want to have to sand down the whole top.

ANd yes, there is tape on the bottom, and over the back plate thing.  They came out just fine and I dont want to get paint on them ha.

Two tone paint FTW  Laughing
g36 monkey

Today I started coating with red after primer.

Then my coach decided to call me, and said while Im painting I should put team lettering on the side.
So someone tell me how you would put GP on the side of the marker, Im not smart about symbols.

anyways, heres a few pics.

thats after one coat

second coat

Like three coats

About 4 coats here

Here we have nearly 6 coats.

Tomorrow I need to bust out the 2000 grit and some water and wet sand the little puffy areas that the camera doesn't really pick up.

Far from done.
As I said, I want to put the letters on the side now, and still needs alot of clear coat  Rambo
g36 monkey

Nearly finished for those of you who care ha.

GP stands for ground patrol, the team name
there is one bad spot, which i have zoomed in on to show you

i guess its pretty good

just gonna post the basically finished pics as opposed to showing you all the wetsandedness
if you want those, just ask.


Gonna let it cure then fix that spot, probably a little bit of finger oil was in that spot, which caused the stupid thing to bubble like that

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