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got me a new computer

well i had to, the relic i was using just couldn't do the job anymore. it's a wally world special Compac/HP thingy. i know to you guys it's a turd but for what i do it will be just fine. it has a 17" flat LCD screen and i have to say it is suprisingly sharp. i thought my last comp. was fairly quick with this connection i have but this baby is like lightning compared to the old girl LOL.

AMD 64 processor
512 MB
160 GB
17" flat monitor with molded speakers

concidering my old comp had 1.99GB and lasted over 10 yrs this one should last me a while Cool


And you'll be surprised how fast the technology becomes "older."

tarallo wrote:
And you'll be surprised how fast the technology becomes "older."

yeah, your probably right.

It's like when you buy the top of the line computer, it is out of date the day after you buy it.

I'm glad you like your new comp. It was about time you got a new one. Mine is basically new because somehow the motherboard fried so we had to get new basically everything for the tower. Got a duo processor in it.

New computers are amazing for a little while, until all of the files drag them down.
I just got a lap top for christmas, 1028 mg ram, 160 gig hardrive (I believe). Its an hp. not sure about everything else though. me= not a computer wiz

that computer will last around 8 years for you tig. ~2 gigs in 10 years, 160 gigs in 80 years Cheers Cheers Cheers
g36 monkey

the biggest comp at our house is a 40 gig delll laptop.
its the one i use, and we got it for free from my sisters friend.

I hooked up an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor to it, Im not fond of laptops Laughing

This thing is quick buddy.

Sounds good though tig.

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