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Greg Hasting's Tourney PaintBall Max'd- PS2

my friend just found this out for me....greg hastings tournament paintball max'd is coming for the PS2

some of you might of heard about it but it sounds sick

Here it is:

EDIT: i think i put this in the wrong section...can u guys plz move it?? thanks.......
You Wont See Me

I dont think it'll work too well with the PS2. I dont think it has the sensitivity capabilities.

Sensitivity would be kinda hard on the PS2. I just got it for Xbox and love it. The sensitivity is huge during gameplay, so you might get screwed there.
g36 monkey

Same thing ive been telling my friend since we heard about it coming out...he doesnt believe me. Confused

Well, i think its gonna be pretty cool. Maybe some glitiches, but IDC much.

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