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You Wont See Me

Greg hastings max'd out

Just got it today. The main reason for my buying it being that you can have up to 4 people playing on 1 xbox.

The game is actually much better, with a screen before each match where you can set your players to break out how you want them, and who you want to sweetspot and lane shoot ect.

You can also communicate with your players in game. You can tell them to move up, to check for players in x bunker, or to have an all out attack on x bunker.

I've just played it for a short time but will have more info on it later.

Your team also dances and taunt them at the end if you grab the flag and wait at the flag statoin for your teamates to get there.

The voices of the refs will take some time to get used to.

When you call an all out assault your team rushes the bunker the opponents are in and they yell out battle crys.
g36 monkey

that sounds so frickin awesome. I wish i had an xbox.

Looks like a good game. I'll most likely pick it up next time I'm out. There is also another paintball game coming out called Renegade Paintball? I doubt it'll be good as GHTP or GHTP2, but it might be worth checking out.
You Wont See Me

Yeah splat came out with one I glanced it over but decided to stick with what I knew was a good series.

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