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GTA E-Bolt

AWESOME, that's the only word that describes this setup. i recently installed one into a 98Custom, it dropped right in with no modifications necessary. this is the best performance upgrade you can possibly buy for a Tippmann!! for thoes of you that don't know it is a conversion kit that changes your mech. marker to an electro pneumatic, wich enhances your firing rate and overall performance of your marker.

tuning, it really couldn't be any easier, simply set the dwell to factory specs , turn the LP regulator up until you hear a hiss coming out from the grip then back it off a bit then tweak your regulator until you reach your desired FPS. this makes for quite a consistant little rig i shot 10 shots over the chrono and the largest spread between high and low was 14 FPS.

while this is not phenominal consistancy it isn't too shabby for CO2 shot through a stabilizer that has yet to be broken in!

shooting, while i spent alot of time to get an awesome trigger pull and throw, this kit is a real dream to shoot! very walkable and has 6 firing modes.
mode 1 semi mode (self explanitory)
mode 2 response (fires on the pull and release of the trigger unless you hold the trigger for more than 1/2 a second)
mode 3 full auto (lets face it if you don't know what full auto is let me know and i will wack you up side the head)
mode 4 turbo (gun fires semi until you pass 5 BPS then it switches to full auto until the trigger pulls slow to under 5 BPS then it drops back to semi)
mode 5 3 shot burst
mode 6 6 shot burst

the kit recomends HPA but i ran 2 20oz tanks of CO2 through it with no problems at all, (note my tanks are anti siphoned and i use a stabilizer also) in fact the last tank i shot off so fast, that the tank frosted completly over and the stabilizer, LP chamber and gun body barely got cold!!

over all this kit makes the 98C compete with the higher end guns but for the $$ you are probably better off going with a diffrent gun. but if you are like me and love to tinker with your marker it is one way to make a bad a$$ gun out of a Tippmann!!!

Nice review. Pics would be nice, but not necessary. Good review. Congrats on the gun tig!

its times like this when i agonize over the fact the e-bolt was taken off the market and im too paranoid to shop online... have fun tig.

Nice revoew. Finally got to shoot a 98c with one installed the other day. It was extremely nice to say the least.

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