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Guess who gets to play paintball tonight?!?!?!

Wrong. It's me. Smile We're having a youth group kickoff tonight and we're having a paintball "tournament", but I'm just gonna play. I really don't want to win it. I'll probably bust out the good ol' SL! This one's for you Tig! The cool thing is that it's raining right now so it will be muddy! Can't wait. I've had the urge to get shot lately. Don't ask me why. Thinking Anyone else playing this weekend?
g36 monkey

wanted to ref today but nobody showed up so we had to close.

my friends mommy wont let him trade the proto, so i gotta find somethin else. ill try and selll my ion, $140 sound good for a stock one? maybe come with a revvy.

i got $300 as of now, a pm5 couldnt be too much over 400. especially a stock one.

awwww i wanna play sooooo bad and be shot right now. forget what its like

DANGIT!!! RAIN SUCKS!! No play. THumb down

I played saturday, didn't do too good and i don't know why. I have a tourney i'm playing next weekend.

WE PLAYED! It really sucked because of the rain and stuff though. And we only got in one game, but it was a pretty big one. Fun fun.

Smitty wrote:
WE PLAYED! It really sucked because of the rain and stuff though. And we only got in one game, but it was a pretty big one. Fun fun.

playing in the rain BLOWS, non stop barrel cleaning, balls get wet/deformed, hopper dosen't want to feed, goggles fog like crazy. i only played in the rain once.....never again! it took all the fun out of playing
g36 monkey

when it rains at our field we all whip out some rentals and go at it Laughing

But yea, tigs very right, mask fogs aloooooooot.

if its a light sprinkle its pretty coool. keeps everyone cool.

Well it sucked. It was a pretty steady fairly hard rain. I put the RVA on the 98c and had a problem, so I busted out the SL! I didn't do too bad.

I havent played in quite awhile. I've been so busy builing my mag and school started up, so my time has been short.

I need to get out and play. I have been waiting for my Pipe to come in but they have been taking forever to manufacture them. I finally was able to get my spring kit for my tank because my old springs couldn't keep the pressure at 850. When my Pipe is delivered to the store, I will go up there and get the springs replaced properly and lubed up. I need more money because my lawnmower died so I had to go buy a new one and atleast I only have to pay half ($150), but that is $150 out of paintball playing/supplies. Atleast that $150 adds back up quickly with my mowing business. I also have 12 months to pay it off.

i played with weekend, it was fun, just played a game against noobs, mainly working on my snap shot.

i also decided to sell my cocker *tear*
i am getting a really ocol dark timmy for it though

Sounds like fun Mr. Smitty.

Not sure if we are playing this weekend, our park is still closed and I plan on going up the Sunday to do some work on it for its re-opening comming up early October.

Mr. Monkey, I will try to let you know if we are playing at OCP this Weekend ASAP. You going up there this weekend? If so what day?
g36 monkey

Im going to try to be out both days, i should be there sunday for sure, unfortunately ill be reffing not playing, though im almost sure you would beat me Laughing from what the guys say. im trying to convince my parents to get me out there saturday though, but you guys aparently said sunday was better for you for the team.

i got to play paintball with my church we all went for some reason , no one knew how to play so i tore up the whole field

Well one guy went up there on Saturday, he brought his two sons. He said he didnt talk to you. I told him to look for ya.
g36 monkey

i couldnt go out there. my dad made me do somethin else.

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