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ha ha suckers

playing this weekend, it's been at least a year and a half. pulled everything out, dusted it off then chronoed the Zebra....still shooting 290-295. GOD i love that gun. i have to get 2 co2 fills and a case of paint and i will be ready to rock!

Sweet.  I haven't played in well over a year.  Maybe more than 2 I'm not sure...  I did talk about it to a kid at church camp though.  I might be hooking him up with a gun...The AMP will go to good use then.  Rambo
g36 monkey

i miss playing pump
the gun i bought from tig broke long ago haha

its ok
just a brass eagle

I've been playing a lot Smile

Tig, good to hear from you. How you been?
I played like once a month now. No fields, just back woods with the pump. A hell of a lot cheaper then fields with the fly.

I've been craving to play lately. Work just doesn't allow me the time to play and I'm sinking all my money into my car instead. I don't want to get back into paintball and be like "Ooooo, gotta buy moar!!!!"

i have been doing good CDA, thanks for asking

played today and i found out i'm getting too old for this < poo >, i'm dang tired and will be sore tomarrow

YOu're never too old for paiintball.

A guy who has to be at least 60 comes to our field every weekend and plays. He goes at it pretty hard too. He is also an ex-marine.

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