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happy birthday to....

me!! yay, finall 15.

didn't really do much for my bday, had soccer tryouts, and am going out to dinner later. i love how my relatives gave up on giving me gifts, and started to just give me cold hard cash (well actually they are checks, but who cares). I have gotten 190 bucks from them so far, so i am pretty happy. i am debating whether to save this money, sell some crap,a nd buy a high end (freestyle, or 2k2 timmy) as a back up, or buy a wrath with it now to have for a back up. my other idea was to buy a t board, a new trigger, and a boost battery for my vlocity. trying to decide right now. i was also thinking of buying a fierce frame from fbm for my cocker, and mod it, along with the t board to fit.
^^ the frame. anyways, just some ideas of what to do with the money.

so for my bday, besides the money, i got a skagen watch (its titanium, really light, and very thin body). its pretty sexy. i also got a vlocity. so yeah, it was a pretty good bday for me
g36 monkey

sounds like your family is awesome, all that cash then stuff to go on top, wicked lucky.
that frame is pretty sweet, i would reccomend you just keep upgrading your current gun, because yea, i do Laughing

Happy Birthday.

Today, I had my first day of basketball and I was the only sophomore that brought a physical and clothes to work out in. I was with a few juniors and seniors. I definately need to get back in shape because I got really tired.

Happy birthday!! ha...I'm 2 years and 4 days older than you Tounge

That's a pretty sweet frame. I would say buy a back-up gun, whether it's a Wrath or one of the others you mentioned.
it's the Payne!!!

Happy birthday(hope i'm not that late in saying that)...too bad you still got like three years of school left...

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