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g36 monkey

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone has good things comin up for them this xmas, or w/e you celebrate. I got me some red hybrid suicide shells Rambo

Umm, just wanted to see how everyone was sorta kinda

Well it's my birthday on Tuesday so I guess I'm kinda excited for that. The big 16. I'm finally finishing up on this truck. It's painted and now I just need to put everything back on (bumber, molding, ect.). I'm pretty happy with the painjob. I'll get pics up when it's all done. Now I'm just waiting for summer.

Two words. Big. Block.

g36 monkey

cant wait to see it
happy birthday i guess

its my little ladys bday on thursday.
so close to xmas Laughing

Happy holidays everyone.

The big thing for me is me getting my license in one week from today.

I really wish I didn't wait a month to get my permit... i turned 16 a month ago today.

Happy Holidays everybody! Santa

and Christmas comes early for me this year, like tommorrow at noon. That's when I head for the airport and my flight home. No more work until 2007. Vacation is good.

Well, I got my camera waiting for me and yesterday my orthodontist called me and said I won the raffle at the office for the first prize of the new silver ipod nano. No paintball stuff for me this year, all electronics and whatnots.

Re: Happy Holidays

g36 monkey wrote:
I got me some red hybrid suicide shells

Blech, I hate those.

I'm just getting a bunch of clothes this year, but that's all I asked for. I'm going to be buying a new bass amp for myself soon after, though. Looking to get a half stack, our band wants to do some touring in the summer, and I need new equipment.
g36 monkey

I might be getting an mp3 player finally, but nobody has the iriver i want. They all have that new zune thing, or however you spell it. I dont really want a video mp3 playyer. I just want 5 gigs of music Laughing

and Tarallo, I mainly got the suicide shells because taking apart halos pisses me off, and the color looks awsome with my gun.

I have only taken the Halo apart once because i thought something was broken. Getting Suicide shells wouild be pointless to me.

suicide shellsa rea good idea, i've had to clean out after every day of play because somehow i kept getting broken balls in my hopper. its a pain to clean.

the pulse is awsome withg the cleaning though, my friend has one.

Hope everyone has a good holiday!

I think I am getting a laptop, and a bunch of stuff for my pump
g36 monkey

my friend got a pulse, eveyrone at the field is tellin me about it, I havent got to see it though aaargh

Should see it on saturday Rambo

I'm getting a pulse and a board for my minion for Christmas. Also i hope to get the new Norma Jean CD and some clothes.

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