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hello all my friends on paintapalooza! wow its been a few years now and im happy to see the forum is still somewhat active!

Not sure when my last login was, but i feel horrible how long it has been. sadly since i stopped logging in i pretty much ceased to play paintball.... partially because i had a swift change in my life (car, job, expenses, new interests) and because my ex had all of my paintball gear locked away in her basement.

well good news.... i got it all back! i missed my sweet 98 custom so much and now im ready to tune it up and rip back into paintball!

what else is new with me? hmm well i graduated high school last year and now go to community college and hateeeeee it. in the fall im transfering out to some kind of photography school to pursue what i should have to begin with.

anyway what have all you guys been up to!?


I've been doing pretty good. You still got that mag? That thing looks beautiful in your sig. I haven't played in awhile. It's hard with school, work, car, insurance. All that stuff. My hobby right now is my car so I kicked paintball to the side because paintball is too expensive to be able to pay insurance and parts for the car. I love photography. I'm in a photography class but it's a hobby that I could never do as a job. I can't do assignments. Our teacher will give us a shooting assignment and I'm never in the mood. It just has to be one of those hey that would look good, shoot it, and feel good about myself.

yea i still have my badass blue automag. sadly my hpa tank is out of date so i probably wont be shooting it for a bit. majorrrrrr drag i miss shooting that gun so much. its just been laying around in my room for two years.

same thing happened with me. once i got a car, job, and insurance to pay... i really just didnt have the time anymore. but i am definatly trying to start playing at least every month or so.

i took my 98 custom out yesterday after two years of sitting in a basement.... still shoots just as amazing as it used to! love tippmanns.

yeah about a year ago i decided a photo job wasnt something i wanted to pursue.... but i greatly regret that decision and now thats all i want to do. trying to get out to a major photo institute this fall. and i know what you mean; i take a lot of pride in my work

TriggerHappy, its been awhile.

Lets see whats going on with me:
College. (Rutgers, Political Science Major)
Work. (Basketball Ref)
Cars (92 Camaro and 04 Sierra)

It keeps be busy.

Going to Purdue University.
You Wont See Me

It has been a while Th1, nice seein' ya.

I'm currently a Pharmaceutical Sciences major at Drake University. I really enjoy it and I've started getting my feet wet on doing some research here at the university.

As far as updates on my camaros:

The day after my Christmas break started the red one got hit by an adult daycare short bus while parked on the road in front of my house... and the insurance gave me 3x what its worth and didnt want the car so I still have it.  Laughing

The white one that has been out of action for the past damn near 2 1/2 years is nearing completion on its fix. Hopefully I'll have that back come summer.

I haven't played in ages, I've got the money I just don't have the time or people to play with right now. My group of paintball buddies is all over the nation for college so It'll have to be summer.
g36 monkey

ive been so broke i havent got to play much either.

just playin with the ol' mustang.

still in high school because Im a little kid but ive decided i want to be a mechanic.

my mommy says i have to have a degree though, so the school here offers a masters and a phD in automotive engineering.

Then i would just go to a tech school and learn more, seems like a big waste to me but a great idea to my mom.

Things have been pretty well though.
Glad to hear from everyone!!

I cant run at the moment .. got a bit of frostbite and had to have surgery.. damn

What were you doing?

Wow, I'm so surprised this place is still around. I thought about it the other day at work and had to swing by to check it out.

Well, I'll be a junior at Gannon University in the fall majoring to be a Physician Assistant. I'm working my summer away at the moment, but I'm hopefully going out to Skirmish in July for IoN 2009.

I haven't played in a while, but I bought an AKA VLM that I turned into a Sniper II. Bought it from DeTrevni in the winter and have been itching to use it (pics up later).

I'm still really active over on Tippmann, but I'll try to stop by more often.

Wow it has been a while!

just working for me, spending time with the kids. My oldest is 7 and youngest is turning 4 shortly. all the stuff I have been building lately is camping oriented, sold all my markers except for the Zebra....just couldn't bring myself to let it go.
g36 monkey

what kind of camping stuff

my neighbor and i just recently got into fiber glassing
we plan on making anything we can out of fiber glass ha

first project is a sub box, ill probably post some pics of the finished project.

Wow.  I haven't been on in a long ass time.  Basically been working all day partyin all night.  That's all my life has consisted of.  Haven't played paintball in ages.  So if anyone knows someone looking for some guns I have about 5 and will probably only keep 2!  How has everyone else been?

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