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Old news. Hemp is currently grown by the gov't, but it is strains with little/no THC.
I heard years ago that they don't legalize it because they couldn't tax it. Those industries that would be hurt by it have more influence then the general overall public that would benefit from it's usefulness and efficiency.

Just noticed this on a shoutwire the other day, so new news to me.

I'm pretty sure hemp and marijuana are two different things. Like Demus said, the active ingredient in weed is THC, the chemical that makes you high. Hemp doesn't really have a large amount of THC in it, but marijuana does.

I don't smoke, but I know someone who does and doesn't stop talking about it.

I think their point is marijuana is too nesessary for other products to be legal? if so, i can say thats BS.

Theres a whole entire hemp family of plants. all related, all containing hemp. but what separates the intoxicating species is THC which no other plant has (or enough). theres dozens and dozens of plants out there that will smell like weed when burnt, because there very similar, just wont get you high.

so theyre trying to say that all these products contain hemp from the marijuana plant when theres dozens of other hemp containing plants? hmmm, maybe i missed a point in the artical, but thats what it seems. i think its just another group of stoners trying to get the thing they worship legal.

people need to stop bitching about the whole marijuana legalization jawnn. for people who are against it so much, try getting these illegal... "morning glory" (a common garden plant whose seeds when eaten will give you very similar effects to LSD acid), or "salvia" a common garden plant that gives you strong effects similar to weed, but shorter and carry a very very high emotional risk (suicide is very very common with it). these things can be bought at walmart and have absolutly no illegality. weed shouldnt be worried about when it doesnt do much more than alcohol does to you.

im not for drugs at all. iv tried some, just not worth it to me. people need to get over it that weed is illegal, just the way it is. legalization would suck with it anyway. its 100000000x easier to get a gram of weed, than a sip of alcohol, which is legal... legalization wouldnt cause anything but hassles to the people that want it. so shut up!

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