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Sorry I havent been around, just havent been in the mood for any forums lately. Been working on the team myspace and that's about it as far as internet time.

Hope your doing good, any good paintball stories this week? I had forgot my pack in one game, next game my hopper didnt want to feed, next game I forgot to air up. Arg! It was 100 in the shade, but I guess everyone was baking this weekend around the country except for them sacks up in Seattle.

I know what you mean about not wanting to be on the forums..

I finally got my parts ordered, just gotta get the line ordered. I had a basketball tourney Saturday. We got 3rd or 4th. Didnt really do anything yesterday.

me and some friends are destroying an angel today. by destroying i mean attempting to mill with a dremel. fun stuff.

Not much is happening over here. I have a scenario game this saturday. It is going to be hot, but atleast it starts from 6:30pm and ends at midnight. My air conditioning is out. We need a new fan motor. Hopefully it gets back on by tonight. I am burning up inside.

Drink lots of fluids. We had a teammate go down twice in stage 2 dyhdration and thanks to beer still in his system he has starting to get blood poisening. So drink water only! 1 gatoraid for some flavor.

I drink kool-aid and I also froze some kool-aid in some ice trays and so I stick those in my mouth.

iv been on vacation for the past week in the outer banks north carolina. it was ok, kinda boring to someone my age i guess.

now i guess im just enjoying summer. busy with my girlfriend, friends, band, abandoned buildings, tagging, and finally somewhat of a job (building decks with my uncle).
g36 monkey

I went to camp last week but im back now, i fell off a 4 foot drop and rolled down a mountain hitting tree roots and such, it hurt but it was fun as hell Laughing
Paintball, havent done anything since last saturday, I should be playing this saturday then working sunday if things go right.
You Wont See Me

I get enough heat during football, I go outside as little as possible when im not in pads.

i played on sunday... was about 95 degrees and really humid...

shot some people with my new phantom and played with an ion.

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