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House of flying daggers (not horror)

This was an asian flick from last year. I netflixed it and watched it today. That movie was freakin amazing. ZOMG and that zhang ziyi chick (google her if you want) was so hot . I reccomend this movie to anyone who likes action movies.

I heard about it. Was it like, Ku-fu type?

I want to see that Quientin Taranenino one. Hero I think its called

saw both. Hero was amazing and so was house of flying daggers. Nah its not kung fu type. Its like kicks and backfists and stuff but mostly sword fights (sometimes) you'd just have to see it. Both are amazing

I need to see that.

Thought about seeing both of those movies but never got around to it.

Ok, There are going on my newflix quence list now.

that movie is soooo worth it. Hero, House of flying daggers, Rush hour 2 has her in it as well, umm Man on Fire is good too

You're right, she is hot. I though Hero was really good but I haven't seen House of Falling Daggers.

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