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huge phantom package... vsc, bobbed valve and more!!!

So, I'm strapped for cash and have another project gun in the works, so i need some money and i want to see what i can get for this.

post here before im'ing me or pm'ing me
be mature
feedback is listed below, if you buy, you pay then i ship
trading will be determined by feedback
be mature


any questions... feel free to ask.

aim: fuzzynutzipper

black vsc phantom
bobbed valve done by brad nestle i believe
custom feedblock also done by brad
stock feed block and tube... i believe it's cut to fit 12 rounds
12 gram changer and 3.5 oz tank
clear pump handle
blue right feed body
full ccm carbon fiber barrel kit
stock barrel
ronin suspender harness w/ as many 10 round tubes i can find

i can even throw in a revvy w/ vortex impeller for the right price.

the barrels show slight signs of wear due to the pump handle, as does the right feed body because of the elbow wear.

this gun shoots amazing, with the ccm barrel kit, you don't have to worry about roll outs and it shoots darts. it is very consistent over the chrono while using co2, +/- 3 when i used it.

Price: Offer... i was thinking somewhere around $450

trades: i'm picky, since i'm working on a project gun the only items i would like in a trade would be a hopper, halo, empire b, or vlocity... preferably the halo or empire. or either tippy 98c body halves, or a completely stock 98. you're obviously adding cash if including these.

you can offer electros, as i might be interested.

ion not f/s, it's not mine. there's the phantom set up with the 3.5 and stock class body and ccm barrel kit

right feed body

most everything, the custom feedblock is the raw aluminum piece above the barrel

close up of the bobbed valve


BOB meaning bolt out back? never seen that in a phantom before.

nice gat

uppp (like it needs it)

not a bolt out back, the back of the valve was milled off and then a plug was put in. you could throw a gauge back there if you wanted.

it adds a few shots per 12 gram.

ok. i didn't think a BOB phantom would work lol.

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