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HUGE sale

My teammate (SilverBeast5000) and I are cleaning out some of our stuff. More pics will be up once he sends them to me.

MORE PICS UPON REQUEST!!! I ran out of room in the thread, so I had to delete the other pics of some stuff.



Smart Parts Ion
- Blue Cp Slingblade trigger
-Blue CP Rake trigger
-14" Freak w/ .689 insert
Price- $225
Trades- NONE

ICD Freestyle
-Nox board
-HE bolt
-Polished internals
-Dye stickies
-Lucky 15 barrel
-Smartparts mini drop
-Cp on and off
-New eyes
Price- $325
Ions + $$$$$$
NME + $$$
2k2 timmy + $$

Prostock Autococker
-Completely stock
Price- $125
Trades- NONE

Tanks/tank accessories
68/4500 Centerflag tank Hydro 5/08(scratched reg)- $110

68/4500 NXE Avalanche Tank cover- $15 (add to 68/45 for $7)

48/3000 tank-$35

Stock 06 speed barrel- $10

Spyder AA barrel blue tip 18"- $20

14" Boomstick, Autococker threads- Dust Black Tip- $55

14" Silver 2 Piece from Psycho Ballistics Superbolt- $10
10" Black AIM 2 Piece barrel - $10

Gun Parts
2k2 Intimidator ram sleeve and poppet- Dust Black- $15

Cp Intimidator snatch grip- Gloss Black- $10

Stock 05/06 Angel board-$40

Silver Autococker Mini Frontblack/ASA/Front block screw Combo (scratched up a bit) - $15
Silver Drop Forward (Rail and screws)- $7

Packs, Clothing, Masks
05 Black Empire grind pants- Large- $30

32* pants- Large-$15

Nexed Fusion Pants Small- $15

Custom Painted and gator cut Proflex-$35

05 Empire action pack red 3+4- $20

Mantis 3+2 Pack- $20

Some random 4 pod pack- $10

Green Eclipse Distortion Jersey-$30

Gold 06 Empire Grind Jersey, used once- $35

JP Agustin Used (from when he played with Ironmen) HK ARMY headband- $30

Jt Nforcer goggles- $15

Extreme Rage 4+1 Pack- $10
Ronin Stock Class harness (suspender Style)- $17

Varius size co2 tanks- $10

Ricochet 2kx hopper- $15

Smoke Revvy- $20
Eggy Y-Board- $7

We do not ship first
Pleast post hear before use of PM's or IM's.[img][/img][img][/img]

some stuff updated, will have another ion, tank, and some otehr stuff up soon

That is a FS7 correct? How much would it be for my Ion? Would it be better than my Ion?
g36 monkey

yay, i gave you a free up on the nation Rambo

RoboCop wrote:
That is a FS7 correct? How much would it be for my Ion? Would it be better than my Ion?

woops, i never saw your post.

its just a gen 2 freestyle or something. its faster than the ion w/o a doubt, but prolly heavier and less efficienct.

Nevermind then. I will stick with the Ion.

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