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I'm bored

Anyone have any paintball cannon designes? It can be run off of spring or 12 gram CO2. Either will work. I thought of like a PVC with 5 or so 12 grams hooked up somehow in there. Then you put a cap over the 12 g's and drill a hole in it. Then load. You'd have to have a lever you push forward to crack the 12 gram's seal, that has something like needles or thumb tacks. Any other ideas?

Or you could just use a potato cannon Very Happy

Paintball cannons tend to suck. Try making a potato-gun design (combustion chamber ignition) and make wadding and paintball shot like a shotgun. They are dangerous though.

potato cannons are really dangerous.
my sister's friend was shooting one, it didn't go off, so he looked down the barrel. the potato hit him the face, breaking his cheek bones, and i think the bone around his eye. he was blind in one eye for a while, and it is now a lazy eye

for the cannon, have something to puncture a co2 cartridge, and have the co2 thing attached to the grenade (it might help if there was some way to get it off the grenade before the grenade landed) it could be like co2 car, where the cartridge is in a hole inside the car.

i have another idea i will draw up after i eat dinner

hpa tank, one or 2 inline regs to bring the pressure down, maybe using a lpr as well before the air goes into a sealed off chamber. open the chamber, cut off the air supply after gassed up with a simple slidecheck or something. then fire by using a sprinkler vavle or something electronic that opens fast.
g36 monkey

my potato gun uses a spark plug at one end and we spray aerosol into it...and it gets the gas goin in its own chamber....there is a lil hole and when your press the sparker it sparks up and ignites the gas and shoots out the potato....pretty simple and very fun...though this may very easily kill on a dented those old truck rims....from an '85 chevy...they were about 2 inches thick of made about an inch of dentieness from well over 50 feet yea THumb down

I burnt my hair off from one of them....Not all of it though....Just the tips

I can give you the plans for my potato gun, but it would shoot right through a man. I'm not sure how you could be reliable in keeping the chamber pressure low. Maybe smaller combustion chamber and weaker fuel? There are a lot of variables that go into the shot so it would be hard to eliminate the chance for injury. You need one of those compressed air things that shoots a nerf football like what they had on American Gladiators.
I'm thinking RPPG - Rocket propelled paintball grenade Cool

Golf ball cannon. My friends and i plan to use it sometime when we play...

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