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g36 monkey

I miss my buddies from the looza 56k beware ha

So I'll go ahead and do somehting I promised to do many months ago
put up pics of my car, though some of you think mustangs are girly.  Will give us something to talk about  Laughing

redid interior

Before I got my hands on it.

ignore the carpet lol, it needs vacuuming

Pedals light up

Just a few pictures

Yes the wheels are funny, this is focused at the caliper  Laughing Dont have cash for wheels I want

Wired in fog lights

Me and my baby! lol

Christmas present:

Now I have to get a new bumper, because I don't know how to fix that.  If you didn't guess, my christmas present was the exhaust.  It sounds pretty good, pipes are from a cobra.  Only paid $20 for them and didn't even have to pull them, however, insstallation was about $300 because I needed custom H.

I need to post up pics of my mostly done interior as far as painting wise. I hate the rims and tails. The honeycomb tails don't look good.

Obligatory "your a redneck!"
g36 monkey

i consider myself a redneck ha

and i hate the rims too lol, but they came with it so theres nothing i can do about it until i can afford the ones I want.

however I do like the  honeycomb, its all preference.

how you been robo?

Busy with school and stuff. Trying to get my engine mounts installed, but i don't have the money to get them installed. Once I get those in, finally no wheel hop. It's going to cost me atleast $300 for the installation.

I still check in here everyday.
You Wont See Me

Car's looking good.

Word is my white Camaro that's been in the shop for nearly 2.5 years is finally almost complete haha. They finally found the electrical problem.
g36 monkey

you gotta give us some pics of these camaros  Rambo

and yea, i cant deal with a big ol chunk of change like that right now either.

and i check in just about daily here as well

um about my car now
picked up a cobra exhaust the other day for a mere $20
i was amazed, put on one half and it sounds pretty darn good for a v6.

now i just need an h pipe and some hangers for the other side

Went to a car meet today. The car meets were over in like 5 minutes. Damn cops pulling up at all our spots. My friend drives a gto and he raced a turbo civic running 12 psi. Civic beat the gto by like 3 car lengths. Cops were everywhere today. When leaving one of the car meets, I thought the cops were going to pin me in because one cop car got in front of me sideways and another was about to pull right behind me. Luckily they were looking for someone else.
g36 monkey

lucky you
the big auto show is here in town
i went yesterday.

saw the 2010 stang and camaro and stuff.
there were not enough free things there.
going back tomorrow so maybe there will be cool stuff.  toyota is pretty much throwing you the keys and saying "drive crazy in our off road vehicles"

i doubt me or my friend will be allowed to drive but we will have his dad go too.

i just washed/waxed/polished my moms car
holy crap
big ol trailblazer lol
gave her something to be thankful for

happy thanksgiving all!!  Salut

Well bought another truck.  Was going to be a mud toy, but I looked it over and it's a parts truck.  IT's got 3/4 ton axles I wanted with 4.11 gears.  It's also got a 6" suspension lift, and 3" boyd lift.  The 6" will go on my truck and the 3" will probably be sold.  The tranny is freshly rebuilt and the T-Case works great.  The motor is nothing at all to me.  A measly 305 that runs like a tortise.  The wheels and tires will be sold off to buy me some new wheels and tires for my truck when I get the axles swapped and lift on.  Should be a pretty fun toy.

It's been forever since we've had this place goin.  I haven't been round at all much.  Thought of it a few times, and finally decided to stop.  Well me and the girlfriend of almost 2 years broke up.  It wasn't pretty.  After fighting all the time and her trying to change me I decided it was time to move on.  That was a few months ago.  The girlfriend now is awesome.  Loads of fun.  I'm just tryin to enjoy life right now.  Work hard to earn some cash.  Blow it on gas cruisin.  Whippin' shittys around icy roads in town.  Hangin with the buds.  Sitting back relaxin with a cold beer.  It's been a good couple months.  How's everyone else doin?
You Wont See Me

I've been doing good.

Finals are wrapping up tomorrow at 7:30 AM and then I have to hope I80 isn't closed down so I can make it home. There's supposed to be a pretty bad storm coming through.

Bad one startin up right now.  Just got back from raisin a little hell and now I can't hardly see cross the street.  I'll be up at 5:00 plowin snow... Money makes the world go round though.  Oh well...  Just another day in paradise...
g36 monkey

i still  have 70 degreee weather here in florida  Rambo

but you guys be careful, ice can be a bad thing.

sounds like a pretty fun truck smitty.  post up some pics. Cool

Pictures don't work anymore.

Since we're on the topic of cars, I got a new one a couple months ago.
2004 GMC Sierra. Every single option is on the truck. Its a nice step up from the camaro, which I still have.
g36 monkey

fixed it cda, and im not a chevy guy but those are probably some of my favorite gmc's.

good deal.
pics lol  Rambo

Well, congrats are ricing out a V6 mustang.
g36 monkey

haha, the pedals came with it, what else is ricy to you  Laughing

The whole interior, the tail lights, the dual-tipped exhaust on a V6.(Looks terrible having the one bumper cut for the tip on one side and nothing on the other side.) The terrible rim choice, and the painted caliper.
I bet it gets great gas mileage though.
g36 monkey

That hole in the bumper happened because it melted when i only had one side up.

Im getting a new bumper just as soon as i can afford one.
rims were not my choice, they came with it and i dont have the money to fork out for bullits either.

honeycomb comes stock on transams and such, so i dont really consider that rice.

annnnd maybe ill give you the red on the inside, but i like it ha.

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