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Roll Tide

I Need an Appraisal

I need to know how much you guys think I can get from these two guns:

Both are in very good shape, even more so for the 98c.
98 Custom
TPI Proshop Reg
Ion Grips
Rufus Dawg Centerfeeder
2x Trigger
12" Werks Barrel
Shocktech Mini Drop

Custom Pro
Palmer's Male Stab.
14" Ceramic
DYE Stickies
Red Dot Sight

Part 2 of this post. I'm going to use the money to go towards a pump. I've got it down to the CCM SS25 or the C3. Post your opinions...

EDIT: I forgot, but this could be important. Our team dispersed shortly after our field close down. So it's back to the woods for me. That's why I'm leaning towards the C3.

I'd say you could prolly get $200+ out of the CPE and $250+ out of the 98c if you find the right person to sell them to.

I'd go with the C3 since you're heading back into the woods.

more than 250 for the 98c and 200+ like sinister said but go for the c3 since you're returning to nature

Willing to part out? Smile
g36 monkey

im sayin over 200 for each....those sound really want that c3 so i say go for that.
Roll Tide

Smitty wrote:
Willing to part out? Smile

Depends on what you want.

Roll Tide wrote:
Smitty wrote:
Willing to part out? Smile

Depends on what you want.
How much for the palmers? And probably the Vertical Adapter.

I call dibs on 14" ceramic and dye stickies.

Ill take the mini drop.
Roll Tide

Send me PMs of your offers.

I'm just going to go ahead and say I only use PayPal and I won't ship until I have the money.


Mods might want to move this to the selling forum.

I also have some other stuff, so it'll be up shortly.

I am looking at an Empire harness, so I won't be making any offers.

Dang. I don't have Paypal! I do have feedback though.

how much for the LPK?

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