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I don't know which gun I should use at my upcoming tournament. I am really torn. I love the cocker, and it rips, but so does the timmy i got.

Here are the pros and cons for each gun.

Autococker Pros
Deady Sexy, completely custom, and not common
Amazingly Fast
Good consistency
No kick
compact feel
Have never chopped with it

Autococker Cons
I am getting horrid efficiency for some reason (like 1000)
Not digging the trigger (mainly due to opti switch)
Due to lightwieght, it is really back heavy with my tank
Doesn't seem to shoot as straight
Don't wanna scratch it (nervous about diving)

Timmy Pros
Has a VERY nice anno, and not the most common timmy
Very fast, easy to rip
extremely nice trigger
Fairly Efficienct (1200-1300ish)
No kick
Balanced VERY well
Shoots very straight
Never chops

Timmy Cons
Not the most consistent (but could be the paint I was using)
Its not a completely custom, totally mine gun
Old style frame

I know alot of this is what feels the best for me, and what I am used to, but to be honest, I haven't played in such a lnog time I'm not really used to either, and not sure which I am more comfortable with.

So if it was you, which gun would you shoot?

What position on the field do you like to play? If you like back I would take the timmy. Anything else I would probably use the cocker.

well its 3 man, so its very loose positions. We generally have 2 backs and a mid, I being the mid because i am fastest, but depending on the field set up I could be going to the 50 off the braek each game (if there is a big brick like there was last year)

Cocker. What is the point of having a gun that you won't play with because you don't want to scratch it?
g36 monkey

Im goin with the cocker too.
Roll Tide

Having to worry about your gun not shoot straight, or it breaking or scratching is a terrible thing when you play. Go with the Timmy.

I say timmy, less complicated/confusing to me. But thats just my preferance.

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