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You Wont See Me

Interesting night

So I come home at about 11 after going out with frieneds, and fine 3 fire trucks, an ambulance and a police car at my house. I dont know it it was just my eyes or what but there was also like a fog covering the area........great. First thought was great there was a fire, but my mom told me it was some kind of leak. So after waiting about an hour we're aloud to go back in the house. I have to sleep upstairs because my rooms downstairs and I get about 4-5 good hours of sleep for the night.

I havent really been filled in yet on what exactly happened.....but from what i've overheard this morning in my sleepless trance like state was the freeon pipe somehow got a hole in it...something to do with an electrical current. The current got so powerful it actually welded the freon line to some other pipes.

Long story short that makes a whole lot more sense... Parents smelled something burning.....went to investigate, found a leak, called the cops.

Sounds like a ground fault short to your a/c compressor unit. Better call an electrician along with the A/C guy.

That would be scary. Your parents could have atleast called you, but they might not have wanted you to worry.
You Wont See Me

Theres one over here now justice.

Pretty crazy stuff. hope everyones safe and all.

Freaky stuff. At least everything is ok.
g36 monkey

woah, thats pretty they said glad everythings ok and your house is still there.

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