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Introduction of Music theory

Music Theory is the study of how music is put together. Through music theory we identify patterns and techniques, used to articulate music, by composers and arrangers. Music theory is not necessary to make music, however music theory helps to identify whats happening within the music. Music theory also gives a form of communication for musicians, to articulate musical concepts amongst one another.

Although, understanding music theory is not necessary to become a exceptional musician. I believe there are benefits, to knowing theory, and learning to read music. While there are numerous extraordinary musicians, who rely totally on their ear, adding theory to their skillset, could possible allow for them to be much more versatile, in different settings.

Music theory makes familiar terms like: intervals, scales, key signatures, clefs, chords, chord progressions, rhythm, harmony, melody, structure, and many many more musical terms. We will attempt to address some of these musical terms, in our lessons, so that when you hear them mentioned you will be able to follow what’s going on.

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