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Ion Firebolt

Well, I finally got around to start upgrading the Ion. I was wanting the Tech T L6 bolt, but my shop didn't have it and the Firebolt was about the same weight. Main difference was that the firebolt only had one o-ring on the back instead of 2 like the tech t. I frowned upon that, but a lot of people have gotten the firebolt and are satisfied. Well, one big plus was the weight of the firebolt compared to the stock bolt. It was much lighter. I put on my air tank and shot off a few rounds. Their was still some kick, but it wasn't much. I never had a problem with kick in the first place. Now I need to get to a chrono and fine tune it to the lowest dwell setting and lowest input pressure possible for it to atleast hit 300fps, then I can adjust it down to 280 with just using the regulator. I should be getting better efficiency with this new bolt, so I can last longer. When I actually play a long game again, I will get back with you on how it performed. I also bought some Evil Puss lube. It works great, but looks odd because it is all green and stuff.

In a couple of weeks I will be reviewing the Evil Pipe barrel system. Evil has to make more because they are basically out of the backs.

A friend of mine was thinking about buying this bolt, but I havent talked to him in awhile. I know he was looking for someone who's used one, so this is pretty helpful. Nice review.

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