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Ion project

You can view what's below with pictures instead of links HERE.

I got a little bored with the black frame so I decided I am going to do a black to blue fade. I am going to try to find metallic colors for the job.

I started by taking everything off of the frame. I have a big container of acetone and acetone works wonders when taking off paint. I would recomend using acetone on taking paint off of Tippmanns too. I poured some acetone in a container and put the frame in it. I let it sit for 20 minutes so it could work it's way into the paint. I pulled it out and started rubbing the paint. It just peels itself off and the paint in the nooks and crannies came off easily with the paint around it. THis is what I have so far.

I still need to go get the paint some primer and a clear coat. This is kinda my summer project as I don't have a job yet and it gets boring doing nothing. I have black and blue parts with a barrel with a blue to black fade, so I think it will compliment the gun very well.

So what do you think?
g36 monkey

looks nice, i was debating doing the same with mine.

i just have no gumption.

buut i have alot of time now....considering its summer.

Started the painting today. Got the primer and black paint on. I had to do black first because when testing it, the black would be extremely hard to fade onto the blue. It comes out of the can so viciously. The blue also looks much better on the black anyways. Almost looks annodized.

g36 monkey

i like the gloves you got goin on there Cool

but it looks good, i believe we have a skilled painter on our hands.

ha Rambo

The gloves were to keep oil from getting onto the paint. The blue paint didn't work out as well as I wanted. It is sorta purple but has some blue in it. Sunlight shows off the paint job well. It does have a good fade though. Pictures tomorrow so I can get good sunlight.

If I get bored again this summer, I will go out and buy a different type of blue and redue the whole thing because I got the blue for a different purpose.
g36 monkey

i think i really high gloss blue would probably work good, im assuming you have a darker color blue.

The blue was a really bright blue but it was meant for a chrome look underneath it. The blue shows up nicely in the sun as a dark blue. I kinda like it because it isn't all flashy.
Here she is.

I want to get some blue grips. I need to find some hybrid grips. Now, I just need to think of something to do with the body.
g36 monkey

i think blue stickies would look good on there too.

but you cant go wrong with looks great.

im not so sure about the body.

but i want to try this now that i saw your finished product.
You Wont See Me

Looks clean

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