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You Wont See Me

Its not a good week for me to own cars

Well its been a week of disasters and close chaos for me and my cars this week. Its snowy and the camaros dont do well in the snow, although they are sure fun to drive in.

Sunday the neighbor came sliding down her steep driveway when she was backing out and hit my white (nicer) Camaro. Nice big dent and some paint scratched off. Monday took it up to an autobody shop and got an estimate for it....$800. Thankfully they plan to pay for it.

Yesterday the white one (its been sitting in a storage shed for the past 4 years, so this is the first winter its gone thorugh and things are naturally going to need replaced) wouldnt start when I went out to start it. No problem im thinking, I'll just drive the red one. Well, it got a flat tire overnight, something to do with the way it parked on the curb(small rounded one not one of those sharp edged ones). Well great. So I get a ride from my stepdad and when I get home from school I see that some lady came flying down my hill and hit a telephone pole across the street. The telephone pole then proceeded to fall and hit the exact spot my white car would have been parked had an SUV not been parked there. So the SUV got crushed by the pole and not my car. They didnt catch the lady, and my insurance wouldnt have covered it.

g36 monkey

be thankful it wasnt your camaro.

i had one of those weeks where things keep going wrong, but then it started to all work out.

give it some time

hell that aint bad, buy a new battery, fix your flat, get the ca$h from your neighbor and paint your ding.

it could be worse, i just sunk $1800 into rebuilding the trans in my truck. Shocked
You Wont See Me

I realize it could be worse, its just alot of stuff to go wrong in a week.

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