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jeep 98 custom

Jeep's DM5-Evolve and Virtue!!!

This is seriously the nicest gun I have ever shot. It shoots amazing, never a single problem with it. The Virtue is fast as hell, and the Evolve bolt kit works great, awesome efficency. There's not a single scratch on this gun, it's in excellent condition. I'm not in a hurry to trade, I just wanna see what's out there.

Virtue chip
BLACK Evolve X-95 bolt kit
RED CP roller trigger
RED eye covers
RED vertical adaptor


**DYNASTY Shockers**
Hybrid Shockers
Shocktech Shockers
I'm picky, so it has to be real nice to catch my eye, but try me.



I have 250 take it or leave it!!! lol j/m
jeep 98 custom

Sure....for my Ion.

NOO!! Don't get rid of that beauty Jeep. You've put too much work into it to sell it. The red is awesome! I salute you DM5 beauty. Salut

That is one nice looking DM5. Any reason you're trading it?

Dust Red A4 fly.

Just a try
jeep 98 custom

The only reason I wanna trade it is because I play front, so I want something smaller. When we play tournys that allow PSP mode, I'd actually rather use my Ion, because speed and kick are the same, but the Ion's lighter.

No thanks on the Angel, never been an Angel fan.
Civilian Of

Smaller? you gotta be KIDDING! lol. Mine is totally fine all around.

They seem fairly small. Oh well. Good luck Jeep.
g36 monkey

it was pretty dang small to me when i shot one, very nice gun. I wish i had some serious $$$ so i could afford it.

i know u want to trade that with the A-5 e grip

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