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jeep 98 custom

Jeep's Ion F/S !!!$250!!!

I need some cash quick, so I have to sell my Ion.


$250 shipped

Gun is all stock, with a Check It Uni-Mount
Comes with Box, Manual, and Blank Warrenty Card


Old pic with my DM5:

Old Avvy with me and the gun:

Can take more pics upon request.


Sad to see it go. What are you going to do if you sell both guns? Thinking
jeep 98 custom

No worries, the DM5 is just up for trade, I just wanna see offers, I'm in no hurry to ditch it. This I just need to sell to get some cash, I found a sick deal on a new Proto, half the price you can find it anywhere, so that's what I'll do with the money form the Ion.
You Wont See Me

If I didn't just buy a car, you'd be $250 richer.

You Wont See Me wrote:
If I didn't just buy a car, you'd be $250 richer.
Kind of car? Also, go for it YWSM. Cheers

Is the hopper included?

It's a shame to see it go. Does the hopper come with it?
jeep 98 custom

Nope, can't include a hopper for just $250. Gun is pending on PBN.

I'm guessing this gun is sold now because of the Proto pics..
You Wont See Me

This thing sold yet jeep?
jeep 98 custom

Yup, she's gone. You can lock this up if you want.

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