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jigga what!!!! CRAZY UPPED DM3 f/s!!!!

so... i want something new... so i'm getting rid of my baby... up for sale is one 2004 edition dye matrix. now, you may be thinking... ok... just an old school matrix, but this thing has every up you could want!

what you get:


full gold evolve v1 kit... best bolt kit out there... you can't get em new and they sell for over $100

tadao 5.0 board w/ musashi 3 software... you get semi uncapped and capped along with adjustable psp ramping up to 20 balls per second. also of course you can chance debounce, dwell, abs and what not.

aka 2-liter inline reg... yeah... what else is there to say besides that its the best reg on the market.

cp roller trigger... smooth as a hot knife through butter and a tiny tiny trigger pull.

cp rail w/ check it on/off

cp snatch grip

check it clamping feedneck

super duper agg cool CK grips.... they add like 3 bps... i swear.

i'd rather not include the barrel, but if you need a cocker threaded barrel i guess i could throw in a 14" cp one piece... its a dust pewter/grey color.

aim = fuzzynutzipper

feedback link in my sl68II thread

price: $500 + shipping OBO!!!

i can ship ups or usps... you are paying shipping... I don't want to do $XXX shipped... please be able to throw in the few extra bucks to cover shipping costs!

i can do paypal or money order... paypal adds for fees.

hot gun bad i dont have $500 lol

i heard they made very few gold evolve kits, dunno where i herd itthough, and it is true


MetaLManaC582 wrote:
hot gun bad i dont have $500 lol

same here lol i want it!

DM4s go for less than that.

Might I suggest lowering the price if you want to sell on here, but free up nonetheless.

Part with the 2-liter? PM me.

i know the resale has gone down... but its worth the price... and its obo... i'm not expecting to make a sale on this forum... just getting the word out.

and no i don't want to part anything as of yet.

Carbinefreak PM

cabinfreak i didnt have time to read your whole post but is sperate piceses for sale like the hopper? PM

to everyone asking if i'm parting... as of now... no. I have one kid interested in the gun but he doesn't have enough cash for the trix w/ the evolve. but he doesn't have his cash on hand either. so right now, i'm still not parting it and its at $500 obo.

if in fact the kid gets enough cash before i sell it or trade it, i will part with only the evolve kit and the current offer is $80 + a stock bolt kit. i will only take trades for a stock bolt kit + cash because i don't want to sell a gun w/o a bolt kit.

but at this moment, i've offered it up for trade in numerous pbn threads... so hopefully those go through and i won't have to deal with parting crap out.

Anderson board+cash for tadao


now... wait for my nd fs to get here...

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