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JT speedpods

hokay the speedpack is really nice cause its horizontal and you dont have to worry about stuff falling out. The speedpods are nice too because you pull the claws back with one hand and it isnt hard to do. Also the claws work by keeping tension with a rubber band. Each pod has like 3 rubber bands at the bottom on a clasp incase each one breaks too. Its really nice, but 14 dollars for two pods.

7 bucks a pod!? Sheesh...

These look interesting, but there is nothing wrong with the pods I have now. I may have to look these up when I need new pods, as mine are kinda hard to open.

I just sold all mine to Smitty. So I'll be investing in either lock lids or 32* clear pods...

I used a couple that I borrowed when I played speedball. They were pretty nice.

I had 4 of them, in my 4 pack harness.

I like they for a little while.

But ended up trading them for normal pods.

Don't get them, they're a pain.

I think cheap pods will be sufficient for me and my budget.
You Wont See Me

I'm pimping the PMI ones that came with my starter pack Rolling Eyes

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