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Kev's cyclone feed review

Cyclone feed system for the 98c&E98


No breaks
No jamming
Easy to use


more efficant than A-5 but still an air hog
mounted on the right(I've never liked that)

Thats All I got, I didnt get to play with it, I didn't Install it, I just got to shoot it... Not much of a review... but hey, Im board...

No pic avalible

king K
Night Hawk

only it will be on a 98c


Here is a diagram for you.

Not too bad. Good diagram rossy.

Not mine. It's meph's. He does all kinds of diagrams like that. I like the one the shows how the internals work on an a-5. He says he doesn't care if other people use his diagrams though. They are simple but tell you a lot.

The installation wasn't to bad. The only reason it took a little time was because I have the Flatline, so that had to be removed and then recalibrated when reinstalled. Other then that you just remove the air line and the 2 retaining screws on the back half of the receiver, change out the plastic cylinder housing with the new one, snap on the new hopper arm, and put everything back together. It took probably a hour - 1.5 hours including the flatline stuff.

I have not had a single chop or miss fire since the install and I personally love the new look, the R5 will also make a big difference to the look.

Don't forget if you have to install the Cyclone and the RT you will have to get the adapter from Tippmann part #T299003
g36 monkey

i hear that the 98c cyclone does really good. This is one item i have not gotten to use yet, but i saw one, the kid was just kind of over protective, he had maybe 200 into his 98c, mines like double and i was gonna let him use it. Im not complaining though, or bragging or anything, dont get me wrong. Maybe tomorrow some1 will have one that will let me use it.

Mine works flawlessly. It keeps up with my r/t just fine. My gun is a gas hog though!

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