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King Kong!!

Saw it tonite. For free as well Very Happy .

Pretty good, a lottttt more to it than I had thought. Lots of action, lots of plot. And the time period (30s) was well played. Got pretty crazy with the dinosaurs and giant insects and such too. Only thing was it was way too long, over three hours.

See it if you have the time.

I watched The 40 Year Old Virgin tonight for the second time. The people I work with, we all went out to Houlihans for dinner (A resturant) and it was pretty cool. Long wait, but didn't bother me. I had a bit of a Long Island Iced Tea, the best drink I've ever had, and some Wood Chuck when we got back to my neighbor's house. Over all it was a good night.

Anyway, about the movie, it doesn't look very inticing from the previews.
g36 monkey

Id have to bring a bottle to piss in so i didnt miss the movie by goin to the bathroom Rambo

Yes, even being a bit too long, King Kong is well worth seeing. It's an excellent re-telling of a classic story.

i dunno, from wat i saw of the previews, the original king kong was way more realistic

i wanna see it, but i need to save my money

Looks alright. I think I'm going with my girlfriend to see it sometime.
Roll Tide

I couldn't stnad King Kong. Too long and dragged out. If they compressed it into a two and a half hour movie instead of 3+, it would be a lot better.

Exactly. Scenes were just waaay too long. Just dragged on. Seemed like every scene was 20mins+.

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