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Anyone have any objections to me picking up an Angel LED. Pretty good deal, He wants 145 for an LED that wont take a charge(either charger or board). I offered him 120 shipped.

So, anyone wanna talk me outta this. Or more into this

well its an angel so id say go for it but idk much on the subj.

Meh...It doesn't even work...Idk...I wouldn't.

but couldnt u take it to a shop? see if it can be fixed? Confused

Its an easy fix.
Theres either something wrong with the board, battery, or the charger.

It can be easily fixed, by buying a predator board.

Why not put your old Fly board in it?

i'd do it, if u have a charger that would work (i'm assuming you do)

$120 for an Angel....can't really go wrong can you?

dude, go for it, seriosuly dats so sweet

Could that price be too good to be true?
I assume your buying it "as-is". Once you get power to it you may find a host of other problems. Niether you or the seller has the ability to test it before your commited to owning it.
Tough decision.

You have a fly and a matrix already, do you really need another gun? You haven't played in soo long because you are spending all your money on gun and equipment. Let this one go and go play...

120 bucks for an angel and a new board... do it! u can play in awhile anyway

Money aint a (major) conercen right now.

cdacda13 wrote:
Money aint a (major) conercen right now.

Wait till your married and have kids!

Go for it. Salut It's an angel and the moeny you're saving by bying it in need of repair will probably cover the costs of the repair.

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