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Load of BS

This angers me.

I would have probably pushed the officer away if he was choking some girl just for riding a skateboard. The officer was probably just on his man period that day. I totally forgot that it was Go Skate Day and I was pretty mad for not going out and skating.
g36 monkey

inflicting any form of purposeful hurt to a girl is never acceptable in my eyes.

that was horrible grammar on my part but i dont know how to put it.

that really ticked me off.

nobody knows the whole story except for those involved but if the officer told her to stop and she didn't she got what she deserved. in my opinion, all of these police chase videos where the bad guy crashes the car and tries to run and the police yell STOP and they keep running.....i feel the police should be able to open fire at that point. if criminals knew their life was on the line when they try to out run the cops, you wouldn't have near as many police chases any more. just my .02

If they were resisting or trying to run away, there are better ways than a headlock. Seriously, putting a girl in a headlock is kinda rediculous. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was a punk guy. But to think that some kids were probably just skating around town trying to enjoy their day and the police officer starts picking on them when there are probably much worse things happening at the time. I believe there was another police officer at the scene just standing there not doing anything. If he did something to keep the kids in one place, the other officer wouldn't have to put the kids in a headlock.

In my point of view, the officer has a good point, even if it was a go skate day, maybe that was a spot where they werent allowed to, and they didnt listne toa anymore, i meen, if he was really choking her, thats wrong, completyley. But everything he did was normal and was taken care of, accept the, probably alot of that was only the bad thnigs he did.

Yeah, I would have to hear the whole story before taking a side on this. Like everyone is saying, maybe they were just skating along and the officer decided to be a d-bag and started picking on the kids; maybe the kids were skating and being jerks and the officer told them to stop, and they didn't.

In any case though, choking a teenager to the ground is a little extreme, in reference to the first photo (unless the situation calls for it, like if the kid had a weapon or something).

There is a fairly big thread about this on PBN and I posted a thread on Tippmann.

Essentially that cop needs to be fired.

The cop does not have to be fired, like we said, no one can pick a side until you know the whole story.

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