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Which loader would you pick and why?

I love my Egg. Works fine and feeds fast enough, but I haven't used any other electro loader except for a friends Quantum. Tounge

Halo B's are awesome but I also like warp feeders.
You Wont See Me

If i were going to buy one, I'd probably go all out with the Q-loader.

But the halo B is more than enough for most people.

none of the above, i have a Apache and i love it, i can out run it with my R\T but don't see the need to shoot that fast anayway. it feeds great up to mabey 17-18 bps any over that you're asking for trouble.

My Cheetah'd Halo.


Reloader B

I just came from my paintball supplier that bought 5 Q-Loader sets for their Scenario Team. I got a full preview and there's nothing but perfection from the Q-Loader system. I actually bought one for my own gun. Hehe, pwnage please!
g36 monkey

i said the halo....its easy and convenient and fast enough for most.

cdacda13 wrote:
Reloader B

Halo B or Reloader B, both work great.

HALO B THERE NO DOUBT Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers

reloader b= soup on a cocker
halo b= major jams
vlocity= the uber pwnage
eggy= mad nice for the price (it rhymes)

I never have problems with my Halo B. That thing keeps up with my gun and never double feeds or anything of the sort. I had a jam once, but I just had to turn the rip drive backwards, to get it going right again.

I like the Q-Loader and Halo B. Kinda depends on the gun its being used on though..

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