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Look what I made!

So I made this for a school project for CIM (I bet tig knows what that means). For our project, we had to do a product redesign, then submit the redesign in to Dimension Printing who will make a free 3D model of our redisgn on one of thier 3D printers.
So here is what I made....

It is a frame for an MQ valve cocker. It takes standard grips, and a timmy trigger. It has a sort of clamshell as you can see in the pictures. All you would need to do is get the microswitch mod done to your board, and you can strap this right onto any mq'd cocker. Hope you like it!

BTW, I got a 74% on this project, even though the work I did on the computer was really good, my partner for the project didn't do his share of the work, so we didn't get all the paperwork in we needed. Kinda sucks to work your ass off for 3 weeks, going in at lunch everyday then to get a shitty grade because of some idiot not doing his share... o well

Looks good. Good job! Sorry about your partner.
g36 monkey

looks awesome dude, Ive had partners like that before. It really sux.

But thats awesome that you will get a 3d model of it.

And if it is nice, I may make a couple since my school has a CNC machine. Can you say HUGE PROFITS?
g36 monkey

huslta Cool

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