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Look what the cat drug in......

Well look at that this old horse ain't dead yet... I guess I should say where I've been since it's been some years... so on to the short novel....

I quit paintball and everything associated with it because I am poor and can't afford it. Rational?? Maybe not. I continued playing high school football lost my v card learned life the hard way, got a college scholarship got huge on roids, got replaced by a bigger better me lost scholarship met amazing girl, brok condom now have future wife and beautiful daughter (Jaidalee Elizabeth Phillips) uh built ford explorer 4x4 truck out of life boredom while I had good construction job. Got laid-off now work at wal-mart while going to online school to finish degree. On lunch break at home from wal-mart. Selling 4x4 - a lot of cool parts that were parted out. In order to buy ex cab silverado.

That's pretty much the long story but really short. What about all you other   's?

I still have to get around to getting a new gun.. I'm thinking a Phenom, with an SL8 Mod kit, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will have to fill the kit with resin. Because the last one I got was cheap plastic that was hollow. Damn companies using airsoft guns for PB gun kits.. why cant they make their own?...
You Wont See Me

I haven't played in years...

Other than that just the same old school/work schedule
g36 monkey

I need to go play again, I took my guns off the wall the other day and it took me back Smile

Pirate, sounds like the good life...

I want to go play, but that would require money that I can spare on paintball. Whenever I am back home, I sometimes grab the guns out and walk the trigger for awhile. My tank still has air in it waiting to be used, but the batteries in the guns are dead.
g36 monkey

I should be going next weekend Smile

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