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Roll Tide

Looking to Upgrade a Bit

I'm looking to beef up my PC a bit because I want to start playing some more strategy-based games (C&C, Warcraft, etc.). It gets bogged down a bit in some of the high action parts on the original Halo and Rome Total War, both of which I avoid playing for that reason. I deleted just about everything I didn't need, defragmented, etc. etc.

The PC is an HP desktop that was purchased in '04.

Any other questions regarding the system, just ask.

Now, I'm looking at getting some more RAM, but all I know is that the frequencies have to be the same. Can I get Dual Channel, or does my motherboard not support it? Money is not a problem nor an inhibitor, so I would like some suggestions on what would help out considerably.

It looks like your system uses single channel DDR ram.

Also, look into upgrading your graphics card. If you are still using the one that came with the computer you shoud see a big improvement with a more modern card.

A new graphics card was all I needed to get Warcraft running at its full speed. I have the graphic card that is in the one hundreds. I forgot what exactly the # was. I think the 256 is the newest. You always want to get higher than what the game recommends on the box.
Roll Tide

I bought an NVidia GeForce 6200 graphics card, and a stick of 512mb RAM. Everything appears to be running smoother and quicker.

Talk to Glassjaw, he'll suggest good stuff for you.

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