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LOST Season 2

It's sophmore season looks like it will be as good as the first. Three episodes into it and there are more questions than ever. Thinking

So who out there is still watching...and what do you think is going on?
g36 monkey

Im watching, i think that they are all gonna go live down there and hurley is gonna get more fat. Then loch (how u spell it) is gonna find some way to contact god and he is gonna save them. I think they are gonna find walt dead somewhere and sawyer jiin and michael are gonna get out and go to the hatch then take some of those ak's and go blow the crap out of the others.

I love it.
But, theres soooooo many plot lines to think about.

Locke will go crazy and take over the computer station.

I watch.
g36 monkey

it feels like a bunch of women sittin around talkin about soaps for some reason. Laughing

Is it because you have been in one of those conversations? Tounge

Im a huge fan of that show. I think Michael, Jin, and Sawyer are gonna cause a lot of trouble while being held by the "others". As far as the hacth and Desmond's whole story, I am clueless. Im kinda going with what Jack was talkin gabout in that it might be nothing at all, just an experiment..

never seen it i might catch it sometime is it one of those shows where if you dont watch it from the beginning you dont know whats goin on?

Kinda, after a while of watching it, you would understand. Or, you could buy the first season because it is a really good show.
g36 monkey

RoboCop wrote:
Is it because you have been in one of those conversations? Tounge

I was waitin for you to ask that, and no i havent because i dont know anybody who watches soap operas. and redneck, you will get it after watching a few episodes, plus they have like a million flashbacks right now to remind you about season 1 and to give you details about the person.

New episode on tonight. It was orgasmic.
g36 monkey

I know, it was so good. EVerybody thought hurley was gonna eat all the food. It made me laugh, then he had that creepy dream
Jin: Im not speaking english, youre speaking Korean, Its all going to change"
Kinda scared me Laughing
THey found that black ladys husband too, since we found out they werent the "others" but they were on the flight in the back end. I think that the peole on that side of the island are getting sick like desmund said would happen, and the side of the island the main characters are on is safe. Just my input.

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