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g36 monkey


I was just wondering if graphite lube would work in a gun. I found out, I dont want to pay around $8 for a tiny lil tube of dow 33 (shocker lube) and found tubes of graphite lubricant for around $1.40 and it was alot bigger. I have dry lubricant and graphite oil. Just wanted to know if these would be safe to use for paintball.
My dad thinks they would be. How about everyone else?

i wouldn't. the only i would use it (and am going to use it) is on my pump guide because an oil may swell the delrin pump handle.

hater sauce= best lube
slick honey is good too
i am using lube from radio shack, it was 1 dollar for a big tube. i have like 1/4 of it used. It works really well, but it was discontinued.

since this is for a pm i assume, go for hater sauce. or evil pus maybe. just NO GRAPHITE LUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
g36 monkey


slick honey was actually made for bmx Smile
i want to get some motion lotion, its what my boss reccomends to everyone, you might guess what its made for but its awesome.

So i cant use it?

yeah, i know slick honey is for bikes, but still, its been tested.

no motion lotion damn it!!!

don't be cheap when it comes to buying lube, especially when you have a spool valve. in fact, you should prolly get an oring kit, as well as a nice large tub of lube

I found a nice big tube of Evil Puss (dow 33) for a good price compared to the small tube of shocker lube. It is basically the exact same stuff.
g36 monkey

awww pooty. ill have to find somethin else to use these lubes on. can you tell me what might happen if i was to use them?

just curious, would the effects be like graphic?

no clue. good chance it would edstroy your oring. graphite lube is more for metal on metal, not for use on orings and sealing like dow is.

don't be cheap, and buy some real lube
g36 monkey

ive seen dow 33 at lowes before, i went to go find it, and of course they dont have it now. we thought this would work so picked it up.

I like Evil Pus. You should be able to find a dow 33 lube almost anywhere.

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