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Mag upgrades

Well, thanks to carbinefreak's help, I bought myself a MicroMag. The ups it comes with ar double trigger PRP benchmark frame, cp barrel, and 3-star micromag valve.

I was just looking for some ideas on what I could get for it. I was thinking a new trigger and stuff.

I'm in the process of getting a 68/45 and I'm also looking for a hopper. I cant decide between an Eggy or Revvy. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

Get the trigger and the barrell first. But deffinally the barrell if u dont have enough for both!!! Very Happy Very Happy

It already comes with a barrel and trigger. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get it for?

New trigger frame- AGD intelliframe or RPG Chimera frame. Or, the Logic frames (either 90*,older style, or Hybrid, newer style)
The benchmark frame feels terrible when shooting.

After that, it depends on what route you what to go. You could-
ULE body, rail, and X-valve it. (but then its really no longer a micro mag)
Just X-valve with ULT
Put e-mag lowers on it

It all depends on what your using it for, how much cash you want to put into it, and what you want. But I would deffenitly get a new trigger frame

not a fan of those frames... Intelli Frames are awsome, but if you like yours its cool.

Other than that, if you want to x-valve it, x-valve/ULT ULE body if you want, some cool rail, ASA ect.

If you plan to get a ULT later, you can try it on your valve now. I tryed mine on my minimag and it really really lightened it. except it was just very easy to shortstroke. i got the hang of it and shot great.

level 10 anti chop- ehh, annoying when its not working right, a fast loader will work as well.

I had the money to throw around and I got it for $160. A lot of people were looking at it, so I decided to offer the current price and get it over with. I think I'll stick with the CP barrel for now and I might look into the RPG Chimera frame or Splinter trigger.

What would work better...Eggy or Revvy?

Either will work just fine. The Egg will be a little bit faster, but easily breakable.

get an eggy, u'll get bored of a revvy
g36 monkey

i had actually never used a revvy till saturday....some guy let me borrow his when he saw me usin the VL Quantum on the shocker Laughing
I never knew they had eyes.
eggs will definately go faster but revys...the new ones do like 15 i think...that should suffice you.

a revvy won't do 15 unless it has that board someone made for it...
half the time eggs have trouble getting 15 on a gun
g36 monkey

or i was thinkin about this one
thats a cool hopper too.

and the revvy i was usin had a new board in it the guy told me. Cool

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