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Who's a fan? I just got their new CD, and from what I've listened to, it's really good. A real return to their old thrash sound. That is to say I've only listened to it once, I've been listening to Rust in Peace non-stop.

Anyway, who else enjoys the music that Megadeth creates?
You Wont See Me

I have a friend who's really into it. Can't say I've heard any of their stuff though

Not really into, however they don't annoy me or anything.

countdown to extinction is in my top ten all time favorites, rust in peace would be in the top 25.......excellent band.

i haven't bought a CD in years but i may just pick their new one up.

Extinction is probably my second favorite album by them. If you like Extinction you'll most likely like United Abominations as well. has a few tracks from the new CD up, including my favorite on the CD, Washington Is Next. They redid A Tout Le Monde (from Youthanasia) with some chick from Lacuna Coil, I like it.

almost forgot about peace sells......if you haven't heard it, pick it up too.

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