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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holldays to all you guys.

And a happy new year.

but its not christmas yet...

Santa Santa Deer
g36 monkey

close enough.
thanks cda.

even though you should be politcically correct and accept all other holidays, we have holiday trees now, not christmas trees.

it pisses me off Laughing

I dont mind the christmas, I dont know why people do.

People are getting stupid with the "Christmas" making it "holidays." People need to get a grip. Heck, people in India are celebrating Christmas even though they aren't christian.

Merry Christmas everyone.

You guys are really blowing the whole issue up.

I don't think it bothers anyone if you say Merry Christmas, if it is infact a day like today or tommorrow.

But when its like, Dec.1'st, the correct thing to do is say Happy Holidays.
g36 monkey

i dont see a problem in saying merry christmas. I dont know why so many people do.

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