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MicroMag, yo!

Well, here she is:

Sorry for the crappy pics, they're from a phone and they were my first ones I've tried posting on the web.

Black PTP Micromag
PTP Benchmark double trigger frame
CP barrel
3-star Micromag valve

I'm in the process of getting a 68/45, Revvy, and elbow for it. I also gotta fix a leak.. THumb down
g36 monkey

it looks absolutely beautiful, and your phone pics are better than my camera ones Very Happy

ahhhh i <3 micromags. and those pics are really good for a phone Salut

Very nice, I really like that. Mags are one of my favorite types of guns.

Wheres the leak coming from? Bolt tip or inbetween the reg and valve?

Nice micro.

The leak is where the macro and bottom 90* fitting meet. It looks like the flakes are coming from between them.

unscrew the fitting and reseal it with teflon tape. or it could be a bad maco seal where you would need to cut or replace the line and re-stick it in there (if the seal in the fitting isnt trashed..) macro....

Nice!!!!! that's all i got to say!

Aside from a few minor problems(leak, stripped hole), I absolutely love it. It'll be great once I'm done fixing her up and pwing people left and right. Cool Rambo

Yep you officially suck now!


Nice Mag. Salut Cheers

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