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milled 04 speed

So my friends and i got bored and decided to mill the lines off of the 04 speed. We used a dremel, and 60 grit dremel bits. it took about 3 hours to complete, although we aren't totally finished. i am going to wet sand it to try to get it smoother, then it is going to get anno'd. I "milled" the word Confusion on the side of the gun in chinese. (confusion is my team's name)

i have more pics if peopel want them

Definately get it smoother. Otherwise, looks good.

i sanded it with 1500 grit sandpaper, and it is alot smoother now. it is shiny

Figures you'd put Chinese on it.... Laughing

Looks good so far. What color anno?

well i never see olive angels, so i was thinking olive, or something crazy, like a crazy blue or something.

Do a crazy pink.
g36 monkey

sinisterNorth wrote:
Figures you'd put Chinese on it.... Laughing

You beat me to it, anywyas, colors, maybe a really good looking blue fade to a lighter blue, ive seen guns like that and they were really nice. Shocked

i already have a pink gun. i was thinking white (as white as possible) and red.

or maybe blue, i've never owned a blue gun, so that might be fun lol.

or green with gold part
green for the money, gold for the honey Cool

red and yellow for mcdonalds would be cool

digi cam rasta would be sick, but $$$$

orange and black would kinda be cool

the color of the mantis egos would be nice

soooo, any help?

I forgo that you already have a pink gun.

I was wanting a blue ion until I saw yours and decided to go ahead wih a black one.

Color it like the bushwackers 06 ego, that thing is sick.

Nice job


i decided to do a creamsicle. have to decide what to do what, but i will talk to my local annoing guy to see what he can do.

looks pretty good Very Happy

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