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Monday 03/12/06 PB Report

Myself and another teammate rebuilt the small Vamp command post and placed into the north woods which we are trying to bring back to life after 2 years of hurricanes. It's getting there.

I played mostly scenario this weekend with 2 games of X-ball and I didnt shoot myself in the foot! Woohoo.

Our sides seemed to roll the other team all day on the scenario side.

Our team played an experienced speedball team and got rolled. Man that hurt! lol

Hope yall got some play in this weekend too.
g36 monkey

Didnt play paibtball but my neighbor had a bunch of people over with airsoft guns so we played that for like 5 hours....i went and borrowed my other neighbors lil wal-mart uzi gun....pretty sweet for $20 Rambo

No play.

didn't play, maybe get to play some pump at practice next weekend though

Im playing April 1st, thats when the field by my house re-opens.

But I bought a Angel LCD.

no play. but am planning a hugh pb road trip with my friend b4 hes gone away. Very Happy


I got some play in this weekend, the new P.I.M.P. after some tuning worked like a champ. Got some practice in with my speedball team, bunkered a few noobs, taught some 9 yr. olds how to play, and played a D2 player. Man, playing the D2 player sucked, learned a little, but basically got mowed down. Unfortunately for my team though, there were a bunch of public players, so not too much prac. time. There was one game which was about 20 vs. 20 (i hate big games) on a field suited for good 3 man through 10 man (maybe 10 man, but that's stretching it). It was a crazy sounding break, but somehow i managed to crawl all the way up to the middle of the snake after about 1 min. of play. The catch is, there are so many people watching me, that i cannot even attempt to look up, so my team mate who was on the opposing side(we had been seperated for this game) bunkers the < poo > outta me, damn that sucked.

Oh well, I learned some new things, met some cool people, def. a good day.

I got to play, FINALLY Cheers !!!!!!!!

I went to a friends house with 13 other players and we played in and around an old rock pit from the local strip mines. We did a lot of civil war(no hopper) games and played a few revolutionary war(straight lines, 3 steps and shoot, 3 steps and shoot...) games. I got hit once in woodsball and about 5 times in revolutionary. I got shot in the arm from 5 feet away by an Ion without my mask on....... THumb down I was pissed after that, so I left.

The SL-68 II worked perfectly. I also found a new kid to buy the much for upgarding it. Laughing

I didn't play this weekend, I did, however, play today. Wound up trading my ego for a dm-6, very very nice gun.

oookok stalingrad scenario at skirmish was saturday. there were 1600+ there. we (me, a guy, and two girls) were supposed to leave friday night and stay at my uncles pocono house. but we left sat morning instead. got there and bought our paint (4 cases at $80 each rather than $100) and everything. got to our base where some 700+ people are supposed to be, and theres less than 80 there.... but they started the game anyway...

first battle sucked. it was in this crappy swamp woods that sucked, and we were terribly outnumbered so had to retreat back to our boundry... then set everyone up there and noone could get through. happenened throughout the day. we got destroyed every firefight. within the last two hours they pushed into our frontline and got closer and closer to our base. eventualy we retreated to it... and for the last hour 60 people or so (no idea where the other 600 were..) stayed in our tiny fort and pretty much just waited for them to kill us because we knew theyd get in. but we did manage to protect our general and hold up.

ended with us winning somehow...

weather was incredible too, best it could be. the girls played well too. well worth the moneys.

got lots of pics in battle on a disposible which isnt developed. but heres a few dig pics..

awsome guitar. yeah, fri night... kinda part of it

bass acoustic, crazzzy. sorry again, had to post

gettin ready

dude wore a doo rag during the game. still dont know how its supposed to go on..

the crew

easy 1.5 hr ride

hugeeeee 10man hyperpipe feild in the distance. wasnt used during the battle though


shot right in the throat while about to pick up and throw back a smoke grenade. about 20ft away too

ill have cooler pics at some point.

looks like a good time TH1, no play for me, started milling my freinds gun, all i have is a metal file tho lol its such a pain, hopefully in a few weeks tho, got a lot of snow sunday night

Snazzy, TH.

I bought some stuff from FMA. Other than that, nothing.

Woohoo Sinister! About dang time.


Man 1600 players and they couldnt even out the teams better? Or was it that your side teams were lazy? Glad to hear your side had the final word tho, muhahaha!


Yeah my teammate got another Angel. I think he's finally happy again. He had the rasta Angel, traided that for I think the EGO Pink Lady (which he still owns) then aquired a gold Ego, then had a DMC, that I think he traided for his angel that he has now. Ya follow me? hehehehe yeah he's a gun traiding/buying nut. I dont think he was happy without his rasta angel.
g36 monkey

th1....sounds like a good time....those chicks were pretty hot Laughing

Sn....i like the whole reenactment thing.

i think our team just sucked at being there... we had 700 or 800, but i didnt once see them all together. saw most of them in staging the whole time...

i got some new grips... still don't have any macroline for my fs... oh well.

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