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Monday 03/20/06 PB Report

We played our first tourny this weekend. Outkast sent 2 teams. One team was stacked withour best players (Stalkers) and I played on our 2nd team under Outkast.

Outkast went 3 wins, 1 Tie and 2 losses. Not too shabby!

Stalkers took home the 3rd place trophy in rookie. Also not bad. They were intervied by a paintball magazine after the award ceromony and had pictures taken.

We are still in shock on how well we all did for our first speedball tournement. About 50 teams showed up. It's the most people Ive seen at the park on the speedball side ever.

FSSS has told Cris our sponsor and park operator that they plan on having the rest of the series at our park. We heard alot of good comments on the park and were very happy all our hard work, Chris's money is starting too pay off.

We Also had a visit from Mr. Duncan of Duncan Productions. Mr Duncan produces scenarios here in Florida and we are building a strong relationship with him and his company. We have been asked once again to General and we are working out the details for that.

Well it looks like our scenario team has jumped head on into speeball and are having fun still. Everyone had a great time so it looks like we will be playing in the rest of the FSSS series.

ahh wonderful. i have tests all week though and no play this weekend. did get to try and lift a .50 Vulcan though.

no play
justice, what team where u on?

no play because it rained about 8 inches.
g36 monkey

awesome day of play...most people i think were ever there and yet nobody was usin too much paint and just like scarin all the noobs......i got to play with a karnivore and a g7, and some guy had to stoned assassins shockers that were really nice.....then i used the shocker im hopefully buying....with a view load quantum.... Laughing worst hopper ever....then of course i talked myself up a refifng job...unfortuantely i wont be workin there for a few weeks due to prior plans nobody told me about.

^^ I ran with SAS Outkast.

Warpig Story -

Our staked team from Outkast ran under Team Stalkers, both in rookie div.

Didnt play. Wont play this week due to PSSAs and basketball/track. This weekend doesnt look good either. Should be able to play in a week or so....its supposed to start snowing again THumb down
You Wont See Me

Didnt play, worked all weekend.

Some Pictures of Fury Park and the FSSS Event I didnt take the pics so I dont know all the info of them.

Day Before the Event

X-Ball Field

Practice on Saturday, Pictured left to right. Gregg, Brett, Ashly, Mark S. and yours truelly

Practice on Saturday

One of the teams at FSSS, Sorry I dont know the name.

Crowd Pics

Crowd Pics

More crowd pics.

SAS Killer Instinct

SAS Stalkers (Outkast Members) Pictured left to right, Mark R. , Robby, Ashly and Lou

Nice. Looks like an awesome field.
You Wont See Me

I'd kill to be able to play on a field like that.

I swear Central CA has the most ghetto fields ever. Justice... soooo jealous.

Lets see.... I ordered an MT barrel condom, LPR shims, and the True Life Angels and Demons DVD from FMA. Due to some misunderstandings, the whole order wont be here for at least another week.

g36 monkey

my old field that i used to play at was almost just like that justice....i didnt like to play there because when i was new and not the greatest there was they would always send out 2 of teir team members to take on like 20 noobys...then its just like target practice for i could own their team though...i just saw them play and they arent that just made me mad how they would do that.

like YWSM said '' i wish i could play there '' well i would like my own team...haha Nice field they have there also.

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