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Monday 05/15/06 PB Report

I participated in the Pro school for a little while on Saturday. Learned some drills then played mostly scenario the rest of the day. I spent mothers day helping around the house, washed both vehicles then got some from the wife.

Last week was bad, the wife and I were fighting earlier in the week. She was packed and ready to go. Then Friday I found out a person I met from the first on-line game I played had passed away from a heart attack. Then got hame after sitting in traffic for an extra hour because of some stupid lil BBQ out in the woods and checked the mail. Another freakin collection notice.

Friday night I tried to re-load my buddys game (Starsiege) and go play a little on-line in his honor and I think that's what hew would like the most from me to do but BUT, the game crashed when I was adjusting my joy stick settings, then I got mad slammed the game cd down. It's broken now, will never find another, my desk then proceeded to get slammed into the wall. I then when outside and flung some stuff, broke more stuff.

Not Good!


Sorry to hear your week has not been so great.

No play for me. Cleaned the house for mom, made breakfast for mom, went to uncle's house with family for mother's day, and went to 6 flags with my brother because my mom said she would get sick after the first ride.

Damn Justice. That sucks. Hope things get better.

I played for like the 4 or 5th week in a row. (Making up for lost time I guess)
Played great. Had fun.

Next week, Russian Legion is going to be at my field. I can't wait.

that sucks cdacda13 said " i hope things get better for you" parents also got into a fight this sunday...i have yet seen them in the same room together and not yell at each other...anyways...i still have not played yet...i plan to do drills in my grandfathers backyard(his yard is huge)so when i can actually play i wont suck....
g36 monkey

sorry to hear about "things" justice.

my weekend was pretty cool, my gf went back to her old town to visti her firends so i was sad about that.
but i got to ref on saturday and like i said before, i got to shoot that amazing nerve....i loved it....and i ordered tigs gun Cool
Sunday we went to my grannys then we went and saw that movie RV because my mommy wanted was pretty good.
You Wont See Me

Supposed to play, but it rained all weekend.

I want pics CDA!!!

Well I received a decent 3.4% raise yesterday. So this week is looking up, plus it's going to rain!!

No play for me. My friend picked up an upped Ion for $150 but I didnt get to shoot it. He gave me his CO2 wrist holder which is cool and I ordered a stock class harness. I wont get to play this weekend due to track Districs.

well, i got my speed, ordered a board for it, just need to fix that hole and it should work nicely.
also traded my gx3 for an ion, just so i could have a reliable 3rd back up gun Tounge

Ooo what board?

i got the uni chip board w/ a scenario dreams chip, has all the cool modes.
it takes dm chips which is nice cause there are alot of em

My friend has the lucky board with tadao chip. Its a pretty nice board.

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